While my husband and I were in the process of  building our coworking space a few years ago, my main role was to do the market validation we needed. During that time, I met with lots of people! Freelancers, entrepreneurs, coworking space owners and coworking members.

During my visits to spaces, I found that most were dominantly male coworkers. Have you ever walked into a room filled with men, and immediately felt as if all eyes were on you? It’s unnerving isn’t it?.

If I showed up to cowork and there were very few, or no women in the space, I would take a tour talk with the community manager, and pack myself back into the car to try another space. The few times I stuck it out, I sat next to the women and found that we have little to no connection. *blink *blink

Sure, doing all of that research was giving me a lot of great ideas for what to do (and what not to do) but it wasn’t until I met with a fellow coworking space owner that I got the validation I needed.

There I was, sharing with him what I had learned about coworking as an industry, and hearing his feedback about what worked, and didn’t work, when he asked me “Why build a space for women!?”

My immediate response “Why not?!”  Historically, men fit into the popular ideal of what a coworking professional looks like, but where are the women working? Most of the spaces around Austin had a dominant male membership! With women launching businesses twice as fast as men, there is an increasing need for women focused coworking spaces.

Susan Evans, Community Manger at Office Nomads says,  ”Truthfully,  I think women feel most comfortable when they’re not the only female. Women, by nature are multi-taskers. We wear more than one hat at any given time. We are professionals, moms, sisters, wives, business owners, teachers, students and leaders. All at once! A women focused  coworking space finds ways to address more than one of those roles and that has a way of  increasing the benefits for the women who work there.”

The need for a female focused coworking space that creates a clean, comfortable and welcoming community was huge. “Why NOT ?” Because it’s not being done… “Why NOT?” Because we deserve it!

The favorite part of being the  Community Manager/Co-Founder/Coffee Maker/Floor Sweeper -here at Posh  has been seeing all of the many hats that our members wear. We are; business coaches, wedding planners, caterers, bakers, florists, writers, authors, graphic designers and more. Each and every one of us rely on each other for advice, connections inspiration and education. We are in-tune with each other, we care and we are a family. We refer each other, create joint projects, and even laugh until we have tummy pains.

Since our launch in November 2011, our membership has remained at approximately 90% women professionals.

Why Coworking for Women?  Why the hell NOT!!






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