Are you always starting new projects with great passion, but sooner or later get bored with them? You see, being a creator means that we love the excitement and anticipation that comes with starting something new. After the high of motivation subsides,we find that we are left with the part of the project that takes work.  The act of creation is hard!

Don’t worry, there is a logical reason why you are not finishing what you start, and it is fairly simple to solve!

The reason you are not able to complete your projects and ideas is simply because you just don’t have the habit… YET! If you learn techniques that put you in the habit of following through on your passion, you will find that things just seem easier, and you are finishing all kinds of super luscious projects.

Tips to create a habit of follow through.

The idea that the act of creation is full of sparkle and fairy dust is bull corn! More often than not you have to get down and dirty to turn an idea into reality. Every creator struggles to finish things. Most are amateurs, and quit before the project is complete.  Did I mention creation is HARD! You can be a PRO if you have follow through.

Start with the little balls.

How do you roll? What I mean is, what does your day look like, take a mental inventory. Do you complete what you start or are you consistently dropping the ball?  Papers that need something, open emails to respond to, and little slips of paper with brilliant ideas strewn about? Train yourself to complete every task. Start with the small balls, like writing an email. Get your thoughts down, and hit send BEFORE you start a new email. Don’t allow yourself to start something new until you can pat yourself on the back for finishing what you are working on right now. Get those tasks scheduled on your daily to do list. If it isn’t on your list, you are NOT allowed to do it.

Don’t make follow through optional.

When we work for a boss or a client, things get done don’t they. That is because they are not optional. We want to keep our clients, and get paid, so we get those tasks completed. Most of the time within a deadline. So why is it so hard for us to be accountable to ourselves? We think that promises to ourselves is not as important as our promises to everyone else!  Make yourself and your goals important!

Visualize the finish line

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Motivation can be lost easily when we are stuck on the pavement beside the track! All we can seem to focus on is the long scroll of tasks that seems to just keep unrolling! When you focus on the negative parts of a task, the passion you had for that idea or project is sucked dry.

Every creator struggles to finish, most of us are amateurs at creation. what you need to do is turn PRO! This is freakin hard. When you visualize yourself at the finish line, you gain the motivation to tick off all of those tasks, and find the momentum to get there. Remember to feed your passion! Stay inspired by reading articles relevant to your project and talk to friends and family about how exciting this new journey is for you.  Repeated success leads to increased motivation.


If you want to be responsible, keep your promises to others. If you want to be successful, keep your promises to yourself. Create an environment that support your commitments and be accountable to yourself. Put on foot in front of the other and keep going!  I promise you will be successful.

Your turn!

Do you use similar tips and tricks to stay on tract? Are you stuck and want an accountability partner? Join the conversation by leaving a comment.

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