Ways Coworking Will Change Your Career (and Your Life) for the Better

When I tell people that I am a solo-preneur and I drive to a coworking space to work, I can tell that they are thinking “Why? Isn’t that a waste of money and time?” Well, NOT at all! I worked out of my home office for a long time before I started coworking and have found SO many benefits since starting.

Here are just a few of the ways that coworking has changed my life and career, and can change your life and career too!

Increased Productivity

One would think that being in a large room with a bunch of other people would be distracting. All of the activity could  cause you to chat and experience more distractions. But, I have found that when I am in that environment I get twice as much work done than I do at home. Not sure if its reverse peer pressure, or the  ”get shit done” vibe, but it works!

Instant Team Collaborators

You know that side project that you have been trying to launch? What about that website your client really needs, but you don’t have all of the skills and expertise needed to commit to the job and get it done? Guess who may be sitting right next to you? In a coworking space, you can assemble a team to meet all of those needs in  short order! If the folks there can’t help, they will know someone who does and can make a referral.

Adult Interaction

Find yourself carrying on conversations with the cat? Believe me, he has already heard all of your best stories, and just wants to lay on your keyboard to absorb the heat it generates. Going to a coworking space to work means you can actually have conversations that aren’t about the bird who loves to taunt you and Fluffy, while you are trying to pry him off of your the screen by your desk.

Separation of Work and Life

If you have worked from home for any length of time, you know how hard it is to get up from the desk and not think about work again until the next day. When you walk by the desk it screams at you about all of the stuff you still need to do!  Working from a coworking space gives you the ability to keep work from filling every corner of your life.

Stress Relief

Keeping up with the latest internet meme just happens in a coworking space. Have you seen this one?


How about his one?

See.. your stress is already reducing!

Its a Real Job!

Your grandma will start to think you actually have a real job if you get into your car and take a commute! Maybe even your Mom and Dad will too! There is something about going to an office that impresses the older relatives.

It Solves Annoying Problems

Have you looked at your taxes yet? Did you know that your coworking membership is one more thing that will decrease your taxable income? Paying a tax bill is definitely annoying.

It’s 5:00 Somewhere!

There is almost always beer and wine in the fridge, and no one cares if you break it out at 3:30pm on Friday afternoon!

Its YOUR office!

You have two conference rooms and 5 private offices at your disposal for client meeting. Or just to take a private phone call if necessary.

If you want to hold an event for your own industry? Done. You can still work at home when you want to.

More Perks? (If you still need them after all of that!)

We know all the awesome lunch spots, and even want you to come with us. Just be prepared to hear about what our kids ate, said or did to the dog.

Coworkers are better than a personal cheerleading squad. They genuinely want you to succeed. They want to help when they can, and are always open to new ideas and collaboration.

Did you read all of that? You should set up a time to come in and work with us. We are much better in person.

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