I joined Posh’s coworking community in October as a blog editor intern, and in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve learned that coworking is truly amazing. My goals were to become a better writer and to learn more about corporate social media. So far, this internship has gone far above my expectations and coworking has given me plenty of tools to work with as I continue to develop my skills. As the year starts to wind down, I look back at the top 5 things I’ve learned about coworking.

1. The power of brainstorming

Coworking is about creating space for creative and collaborative thinking. When I used to write blogs alone in my apartment, I would get stuck and frustrated. But at Posh, I can bounce ideas off of my fellow coworkers and get new perspectives. I never struggle for a blog topic anymore because there are plenty of bright minds here who can help me come up with interesting ideas. Blossom, Posh’s founder, even encourages us to brainstorm by writing on the tables- literally!

Writing on the Tables at Posh

Table Brainstorming!

2. A source of encouragement

A coworking space is a safe space. Everyone is so supportive of my ideas, my input, and my struggles. I have never felt judged and, in fact, I have been encouraged to come out of my shell and branch in new ways I never imagined. Posh celebrates success wherever it can be found and is there to help you in your endeavors.

3. Feedback

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own head. I have a difficult time taking a step back from my own writing to make sure it’s working. Luckily there are other writers around me, many who are familiar with blogging, who are more than happy to take a look over my work for me.

4. Community

Coworking is about more than just a group of people who work in the same area. We strive to get to know each other and branch out to our community. I’ve been amazed by the number of events held at Posh in the short time I’ve been here: Posh celebrated it’s second birthday; we held a community Thanksgiving with our neighbor, N Salon; and we hosted a Mano en Mano fundraiser. Coworking spaces allow you to reach out to the community in ways you couldn’t at home.

5. Education

Posh also hosts many educational sessions and events such as the ‘Wordpress Fundamentals Course’ by Hands On or ‘Facebook for Business Workshop’ by Jen Smith Social. Coworking spaces are a great resource for discovering new educational courses that can help you grow as an entrepreneur!


Coworking at Posh

Are you a coffee-house worker? What do you wish you had that working at a coffee-house can’t provide? Or do you work at a coworking space? How has coworking worked for you? Share your comments and stories below- we love to hear from you!

2 Responses to The Top 5 Things I’ve Learned Working in a Coworking Space

  1. I never realized coworking spaces were anything more than a not-office not-home place to work! Thanks for the perspective.

  2. mommasbacon says:

    I tend to work best when I am alone, but there are definitely benefits to co-working. The benefits of being able to bounce ideas off of others or being able to brainstorm in a collaborative group is definitely a plus!

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