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Our members are referred to as family. We appreciate each and every member. The connections that “Poshies” make during their time here will be around for a lifetime.  We invite you to get to know each other better, and join the family!


DeAnne Pearson – Deliberate Careers

DeAnne is bold and driven while caring and open with her insight. She loves to collaborate on group projects, and is a powerful coach and speaker.

Here is a little excerpt from her “Meet DeAnne”page.

I had it all, confidence, talent, intelligence, I could talk to anyone, loved to listen to people tell their stories and encourage them right where they were in their lives, and I even had an awesome signature that I practiced endlessly, DeAnne….DeAnne… with a capital “A” in the middle for emphasis. I was ready to sign my Mona Lisa or autograph my famous play…

I was 5 years old.

It all changed when I started school, and I met my teacher. I found out that everything I loved doing was wrong. Maybe even who I was wrong. I didn’t fit in… 

I had a million questions, and I was confident enough to ask them. So, I asked them and was impatient for answers. That was against the rules; you have to raise your hand!

If you have not met DeAnne, you are missing out.

Heidi Schlenk
Heidi Schlenk

Heidi  is a very perceptive lady. She is always looking for ways to make the conversation better, and asks some of the most thought provoking questions.  Even stumped our founder a few times!  Her biz, Ignite: Business Coaching’s  approach is spiritual grounding + marketing strategy + community. She believes that as female entrepreneurs we are stronger together than we are apart. Her passion is to  bring women together to share each other’s personal and professional intelligence. Women are intuitive, smart, creative, beautiful, contemplative, discerning, loving beings. This is power!

Heidi Schlenk Coaching
Shea Bailey – Wedding Industry Rescue

If you want a shiny new WordPress website, he’s your guy. Yes, just WordPress. He’s snobby like that.

He spends his days building sites and teaching people how to build their own sites.

He talks to strangers about Google Analytics for fun (and sometimes they actually understand what the hell he’s talking about). No really, once a month he goes to a networking meeting for web dorks just like him, and they talk about web marketing – it’s true.

He knows a lot about SEO…like, A LOT!

He cracks really lame jokes – and his wife laughs at every one of them – because she’s just that kind of wife.


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