Poshies Our Members

Our members are referred to as family. We appreciate each and every member. The connections that “Poshies” make during their time here will be around for a lifetime.  We invite you to get to know each other better, and join the family!


Jen Truss – Gobo Entertainment

Jenifer and her husband Mark are owners of Gobo Entertainment. They are charming charasmatic and friendly. One day soon, I will update their listing with some super cool stuff about them. But until then I will share that I know Jen better, she is also a massage therapist and a great friend. I know they will rock your next event.

Michael Meeks – Tap Snap
TapSnap is a revolutionary phototainment system. Instantly social and utterly fun!

Since 2002, the DVDNow executive team has been involved in the design, deployment and support of various types of self-service kiosks. In 2005, the primary focus for the organization became the development of a program to provide DVD rental kiosks to entrepreneurs and small business owners. DVDNow was launched in June of 2006 and quickly became the leading provider of independently operated DVD 

We’ve done away with the traditional photo booth and reinvented it for the digital era. That means no walls. No ceilings. No limits on your creativity.

TapSnap comes at the perfect time to leverage the latest advances in touchscreen technology and the incredible popularity of social media and digital photo sharing.

Your guests can take high-quality photos and make them their own, adding doodles and personal messages with the touch of a fingertip. Then they can share their creations via social networks. It’s brandable with your corporate logo. Best of all, your TapSnap personal attendant will be on hand to take care of the details so you can relax and enjoy your event.

Ross Phillips – Look No Further Entertainment

Ross is a business man. He was raised here in Austin, and attended a Military Academy before actualizing his dream to entertain.  He has spun records at just about every bar in Austin, and can regularly be found at JBlacks on Thursdays.

Very smart, and honest as well as savvy. Boss Ross will be a wonderful friend and colleague





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