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Our members are referred to as family. We appreciate each and every member. The connections that “Poshies” make during their time here will be around for a lifetime.  We invite you to get to know each other better, and join the family!

Shea Bailey – Wedding Industry Rescue

If you want a shiny new WordPress website, he’s your guy. Yes, just WordPress. He’s snobby like that.

He spends his days building sites and teaching people how to build their own sites.

He talks to strangers about Google Analytics for fun (and sometimes they actually understand what the hell he’s talking about). No really, once a month he goes to a networking meeting for web dorks just like him, and they talk about web marketing – it’s true.

He knows a lot about SEO…like, A LOT!

He cracks really lame jokes – and his wife laughs at every one of them – because she’s just that kind of wife.


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Tommie Huffman
Tommie Huffman

Hi All! A few things about me: I am a horrible phone talker! I am an even worse texter! I am shy until I get to know you then I never shut up! I have been a photographer since 2000. I am addicted to listening to peoples life stories.

I have been a professional photographer for over 13 years in Colorado and Texas. Pictures have always been important to me because I know my Dad only through the portraits and candid pictures that my family have kept of him. He died 9 months to the day before I was born.

I love when Dads come to the portrait sessions even if they hate it! I also usually tear up every time I photograph a father/daughter dance at a wedding.

I have two amazing kids that usually come to assist me on sessions. We currently serve Round Rock, Georgetown, Austin, and San Angelo area but we love to travel so let us know where you are!  I love all areas of photography but especially enjoy High School Senior Girls, Pets, Families, Babies, and Bridal portraits!


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