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Our members are referred to as family. We appreciate each and every member. The connections that “Poshies” make during their time here will be around for a lifetime.  We invite you to get to know each other better, and join the family!

Hope Furst – The Peached Tortilla

Hope is smart as a whip and keeps The Peached Team rolling. You can find her here at Posh a few days a week, either with or without some of the Peached yummies you can get off of their famous food trucks. She has yet to send us her bio, so we are wingin it.  Check back sometime soon and see if she gets it done.

Bill Alewine – Alewine Photography

Bill started taking pictures about 15 years ago with ambitions of getting published in Rolling Stone magazine. But rock star photography took on a whole new meaning after shooting his first wedding. Being in the middle of the excited, sometimes panicked clamor of a wedding day was a real emotional high for him, and he was hooked.

(512) 567-9449
Bliss Bridal Magazine – Angela Simms

With big dreams and brief detours (Including a stop at a local newspaper followed by a longer stay as  the Associate Publisher of  The Central Texas Bride Guide), Angela jumped head first into the big city, starting with the idea of creating just a wedding blog. After talking to few investors, marketing guru’s in LA and Orlando she decided to do an online and print magazine with an interactive blog and an iphone and ipad app for the bride on the go. Angela is a queen in her own right, and her energy is infectious.

Brooke Howsley
Brooke Howsley

Brooke is an artist in many ways.  She is the master of her chosen craft of floral design at Pollen Floral Art.  She found her passion while in Chicago on an journey, and was intoxicated with the life of a floral studio owner. She dreams of having her mother one day work by her side, and kissing a little girl good day as she travels to work.

512 586.8913
Cheryl Bailey – Yellow Umbrella Events

Cheryl’s passion is firmly planted in the event industry.  She has positioned herself among the best through hard work and professional development.  When she is not planning a corporate event or wedding, Cheryl coaches other event professionals on how to grow their wedding business and find more enjoyment in their business.  It is her passion to personally connect with other and help them achieve careers that they never thought possible.

Dawn Early – Your Own Fairy Godmother Wedding Planning

From the age of 6, Dawn insisted that she decorate her own birthday cakes (and then also made them for others.)  Dawn made clothes by trial and error without any sewing classes by the time she was 10. She filled her free time with drawing and designing prom and wedding dresses, and she also worked in a flower shop during peak seasons while in high school. She worked full-time while attending Southwest Texas State University majoring in Psychology and being very active in the community. She understands “busy.” Friends from school and church would frequently call her and ask for her to assist with their weddings, bachelorette parties, and showers. She began coordinating weddings in 1996 while still in college. Initially, out of school, she worked with deaf children and their families, and she also coordinated all of the Halloween and Christmas parties for the city-wide program. She is known amongst her friends, family, and all of her previous co-workers as “Emily Post” and “Martha Stewart.” (No jail time though.) She’s often been asked if there’s anything that she can’t do. (The answer is YES! Don’t ever ask Dawn to sing. She will be the first to admit that it is not pretty.) Dawn founded Your Very Own Fairy Godmother in 2002, and initially, she accepted only one intern. Since then, the firm has grown, and there are multiple coordinators and interns alike at what is now one of the most highly respected firms in the U.S. Both the Austin and Houston teams are touted as the best of the best in the industry.

Dawn is on the Advisory Board for Nuptial Essentials Curriculum & Instruction. It is important to her that she continues to learn and to educate other future wedding consultants.

Dawn married her own Prince Charming, Ross Earley, in April of 2004. Even then, she chose to have one of her fellow Fairy Godmother coordinators in addition to the coordinator that was provided by the wedding site. There is nothing that can ease the mind of a very detail-oriented (and a tad OCD) wedding professional more than knowing that she has another detail-oriented wedding professional that she trusts attending to every element of her lovingly-planned day.

Dawn has done the floral arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, catering and cakes for weddings and showers, but her true passion is the planning, design, and coordination of the big event. She wants to make sure that every detail is perfect for YOUR Cinderella story. Your Very Own Fairy Godmother Wedding & Event Coordination is proud of their reputation as people who sincerely want the bride, groom, their families, and wedding parties to feel as if the world has stopped to service them throughout the planning process and especially on the big day.

Favorite Wedding Movie: Father of the Bride or My Best Friend’s Wedding
Favorite Ice Cream: Coffee or Vanilla Bean
Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls, Big Bang Theory, Army Wives, and Criminal Minds
Favorite Color: PINK
Favorite thing about being a Fairy Godmother: Being able to work on a daily basis with women who have become my best friends and having the opportunity to impact the lives of our brides, grooms, and their families on such a monumental day as we all work together is incredibly rewarding.

Denise Nuernberger
Denise Nuernberger

If  you are into refined sugar, and sweet friendships, Denise is a treasure.  Her skill as a perfectionist pastry chef and her desire to continue to learn her craft and better her abilities are admirable.  Denise’s artistry in designing memorable creations was molded under the tutelage of James Rosselle, the only Food Network contestant to claim a “hat trick” winning three cake design contest titles in a row. Denise believes that life is about finding your bliss and spreading your wings.

Ellie Scarborough Brett

Founder and Principle of principle of Media Bombshell. After reporting on NBC for 7 years & founding a popular online business, she developed a unique process for building bombshell brands quickly. Now she works exclusively with visionary business owners who are serious about positively impacting the planet with their passion + moxie + services, and who are ready to harness the power of video to do it.

You have a story to tell that’s incredibly valuable & 100% unique. Let’s tell it

Felicity Fromholz – Polish Inc.

Felicity is high energy. She is a recent grad love beauty products and education and speaks english and pig latin. Knowledge is a beautiful thing! Market research & consulting services for your small beauty business!

Heidi Schlenk
Heidi Schlenk

Heidi  is a very perceptive lady. She is always looking for ways to make the conversation better, and asks some of the most thought provoking questions.  Even stumped our founder a few times!  Her biz, Ignite: Business Coaching’s  approach is spiritual grounding + marketing strategy + community. She believes that as female entrepreneurs we are stronger together than we are apart. Her passion is to  bring women together to share each other’s personal and professional intelligence. Women are intuitive, smart, creative, beautiful, contemplative, discerning, loving beings. This is power!

Heidi Schlenk Coaching




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