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Our members are referred to as family. We appreciate each and every member. The connections that “Poshies” make during their time here will be around for a lifetime.  We invite you to get to know each other better, and join the family!

Cheryl Bailey – Yellow Umbrella Events

Cheryl’s passion is firmly planted in the event industry.  She has positioned herself among the best through hard work and professional development.  When she is not planning a corporate event or wedding, Cheryl coaches other event professionals on how to grow their wedding business and find more enjoyment in their business.  It is her passion to personally connect with other and help them achieve careers that they never thought possible.

DeAnne Pearson – Deliberate Careers

DeAnne is bold and driven while caring and open with her insight. She loves to collaborate on group projects, and is a powerful coach and speaker.

Here is a little excerpt from her “Meet DeAnne”page.

I had it all, confidence, talent, intelligence, I could talk to anyone, loved to listen to people tell their stories and encourage them right where they were in their lives, and I even had an awesome signature that I practiced endlessly, DeAnne….DeAnne… with a capital “A” in the middle for emphasis. I was ready to sign my Mona Lisa or autograph my famous play…

I was 5 years old.

It all changed when I started school, and I met my teacher. I found out that everything I loved doing was wrong. Maybe even who I was wrong. I didn’t fit in… 

I had a million questions, and I was confident enough to ask them. So, I asked them and was impatient for answers. That was against the rules; you have to raise your hand!

If you have not met DeAnne, you are missing out.

Denise Nuernberger – Love Birds Sweets

If  you are into refined sugar, and sweet friendships, Denise is a treasure.  Her skill as a perfectionist pastry chef and her desire to continue to learn her craft and better her abilities are admirable.  Denise’s artistry in designing memorable creations was molded under the tutelage of James Rosselle, the only Food Network contestant to claim a “hat trick” winning three cake design contest titles in a row. Denise believes that life is about finding your bliss and spreading your wings.

Felicity Fromholz – Polish Inc.

Felicity is high energy. She is a recent grad love beauty products and education and speaks english and pig latin. Knowledge is a beautiful thing! Market research & consulting services for your small beauty business!

Heidi Schlenk
Heidi Schlenk

Heidi  is a very perceptive lady. She is always looking for ways to make the conversation better, and asks some of the most thought provoking questions.  Even stumped our founder a few times!  Her biz, Ignite: Business Coaching’s  approach is spiritual grounding + marketing strategy + community. She believes that as female entrepreneurs we are stronger together than we are apart. Her passion is to  bring women together to share each other’s personal and professional intelligence. Women are intuitive, smart, creative, beautiful, contemplative, discerning, loving beings. This is power!

Heidi Schlenk Coaching
Hope Furst – The Peached Tortilla

Hope is smart as a whip and keeps The Peached Team rolling. You can find her here at Posh a few days a week, either with or without some of the Peached yummies you can get off of their famous food trucks. She has yet to send us her bio, so we are wingin it.  Check back sometime soon and see if she gets it done.

Lauren Garcia – Launch Media Strategies

Founder and CEO of Launch Media, Lauren wanted to truly help others overcome their fears or anxieties about lauren-launch-mediataking on something like new media technologies and building, evolving, and shaping their brand.
Lauren has her B.S. in Communications from Santa Clara University, and a Master’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Texas at Austin.

Her master’s thesis revolved around categorizing the reasons individuals and companies refuse to get involved with the ever changing digital landscape, and the appropriate ways to respond to those fears.

She also assessed common mistakes that can be made by those untrained or unaware of these new tools, and ways in which to avoid them or deal with them through effective crisis management.

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Mano en Mano – Lauren Garcia

Mano en Mano is a non-profit organization that began as a targeted effort in Granada, Nicaragua to better the lives of the local population.


With the help of generous donors, we will help more people throughout

the world battle poverty and better their lives as we expand to

different communities.

Nadine Latief – Nadine Photography

Nadine is a super sweet, incredibly talented wedding and portrait photographer.  She lives in Central Austin with her Hubby and can be seen flying into Posh to meet her clients. Her smile and infectious personality always light us up and make us smile.

Nikki Mahalik – Akula Kreative

Nikki’s background is in marketing and the arts, having studied and worked in New York, Los Angeles, Italy, and San Diego. She dreams in colors, code, and patterns and loses sleep over finding the perfect font. Her goal in life is to own and operate a small “dog refuge” ranch called The Big & Little.

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