The days of walking to your team office and getting shit done are over. Now we have the freedom to work from our home office, coworking space or the city park and there are tons of resources right at your fingertips to assist with productivity and management of employees and team members. . Here is a list of our favorite work from home tools.


Consider Trello your personal organization assistant. At first glance, I thought it was a project management software, and it is that,  but when I started to dive deeper into the functionality of it, I found that it learned (in an intuitive sort of way) how I work, and what I would need to organize.  My task lists started to come together, and I am so much more productive! One of the really great things I love about it is that you can zoom into a project to a fine level of granularity, or you can zoom out and get just a birds eye view. Delegation is a snap and your team, wherever they are in the world, only has to get to a browser to have access.  The software works on all platforms, from iphone, ipad, Windows 8, and a web browser. (is anyone using Blackberry anymore?) Basic functionality is free, and there is pricing levels to suite your specific needs… starting with FREE for an individual and going up to 45 per month.

I am in LOVE with white boards. So much so, that all of the tables in our private offices are made out of a coating that makes them dry erasable! So when I came across this little jewel I was hooked. is a virtual online whiteboard. It helps to create visual references (for those of us creatives who need to draw before we understand anything) to share with your team for hours of playful collaboration. Sticky notes – my all time favorite office product – and visual aids are all there too. is Youtube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Evernote and Google Drive friendly. Again, the cost seems to be really awesome for what you get!  Free access to sign up and have 1 mural,  and then about $29 bux a month for 30 murals (or white board drawings).


Okay, if you are a Basecamp addict, like me.. then you are going to LURV Dashcube… The idea that conversation happens in one app, and the project management in another just doesn’t seem to support todays busy life. Sounds a lot like 2 different “to-do’s”. Who needs the extra effort anyway? Dashcube is currently free in beta and when they launch it will be about $9 month per user, or $99 per year if you pay in advance.  One of the best features is a replay function. If you are away from a project for a day or two, you can go into Dashcube and “replay” the activity since you were last logged in and get caught up. This eliminates the lag of downtime that we all experience when we decide to take a few days off for ourselves.


This app is definitely useful if you have a bunch of employees and you need to stay in more contact with them than you would a freelancer. You can use Daily Update, an email service, to automate your check-in with your team each day.  Daily Update sends your employees an email at 4 pm local time, asking them to briefly summarize what they got done that day. The information is aggregated, and the summary lands in your inbox every morning. Pricing is $4 per user per month.

Along with others like BaseCamp, PivotalTracker and PinPlanner, there is no reason for you to struggle with collaborating with your team while working from home.

What tech tools are you using that you want to share with our readers?




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