No baby, that’s not sunless tanner, I’m Just Being Sexy!


While big-name sunless tanners might be the first place you go for that sexy summer tan, this sassy boutique brand out of Dallas, Texas will turn you from winter’s pale princess to summer’s bronzed bombshell in less time than it takes you to say, “No baby, that’s not self tanner, I’m Just Being Sexy!

The instructions on the tube say to start with clean skin and use gloves (which I purchased at Sally Beauty Supply).  To apply, squeeze a dime-sized amount into your palms, rub your hands together and apply that amount to one area of the body.  You need to wait 10-15 minutes to dress once you’ve applied and the total developing process takes 6-8 hours.

After exfoliating during my morning shower  (I adore Tree Hut’s Shea Sugar Body Scrubs.) and applying a light dusting of moisturizer to my knees, I did exactly what the tube said.  It took 4 dime-sized applications to get both of my legs done…which really didn’t seem like much considering other products I’ve used.  I love that this is an instant bronzer because I could actually see where I was rubbing it in…always good for the streak-free application!  While their website says that Just Being Sexy! has a “delicious scent,” I really didn’t detect one at all and was actually impressed that I never smelled like self-tanner…at all!

Other things I LOVE about Just Being Sexy!

- It was hydrating enough that I never worried about putting lotion on during the day while my tan was developing…probably because this great formula contains Vitamins A &  E, aloe, green tea and, Shea butter.

- I never turned Umpa Lumpa orange!  Even my co-workers commented on how nice my tan looked!


 (Unedited photo of my legs after 6 hours…LOVE!)

Something to note…

-The price point for a full-size tube is a little higher than most at $49.00.  However, this is a 6 oz. bottle where a lot of the comparable, but slightly less expensive brands (San Tropez & Xen-Tan) are only 4 oz.

- For travel, there is a $3 “sample pack” that is perfect for fixing tan lines, etc.

All-and-all, this is one of the best and truthfully the most fun sunless tanners I’ve used!  (It’s like the tanning version of wearing your sexy panties!) Mucho, much stars!


Felicity Rose


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