There seems to be a bit of discussion about whether entrepreneurs are born or made. My opinion is that they’re born, because that is how I feel about my experience.  Some people will argue that Entrepreneurs have some chemical or psychological gift, while others will tell you that they are made out of circumstance.

Steve Jobs adoptive parents were not entrepreneurs, but saw his gifts and adapted to encourage his interest.  When he was being bullied in the local middle school and came home one day and announced that he would no longer attend school unless his parent moved to a new school district, his parents did just that and moved. Setting in motions Steve’s connection to Hewlett Packard.

Walt Disney’s father was a Canadian farmer. He moved to California with his father in 1898 during the gold rush! Walt’s early cartooning influence can be traced to his high school new paper where he drew patriotic imagery to accompany the stories published during the war. His strong drive to be a public servant, led him to enlist in the Army at 16 only to be kicked out for being underage. He then served with the Red Cross for 4 years. It was in his blood to serve, and his legacy still lives on inside the corporate engine that is “Disney World”

Today’s Entrepreneur Are Not Much Different… Its In Our Blood!

Growing up in a small town in upstate New York two houses down from her maternal Grand Parents, in a a household where her father worked for a local garage, and her mother was a stay at home Mom really didn’t change much for our next entrepreneur.  Her parents were not entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact, there was no one in her immediate family who worked for themselves.  Yet, when she was asked to think about her earliest memories around the idea of entrepreneurship, she finds herself transported back to a young girl of maybe 7-8.

” When the group of  neighborhood kids would converge to play, we would almost always play house, or school. Most of the time, all of the girls would argue over who got to be Mom, Older Sister, Auntie or Grandma, and no one really wanted to be the Dad!  When I was brave enough to join them,  I found that the part I wanted to play was that of the Dad!  None of them EVER argued with my choice either!  They almost seemed happy.

I would kiss my “ladies in waiting” on the heads before heading off to earn the bacon.  After I left the gaggle of girls I would head to the kitchen. “Mom, can you help me make a big picture of lemonade that I can sell on the sidewalk?”  Puzzled that I wanted to sell lemonade, my Mom would ask me “Why aren’t you playing house with the girls?” and I would ensure her that my roll was to make the bacon!  She would laugh and help me with the lemonade.

What’s my point?

For entrepreneurs to make a choice, versus doing what they feel is their path are not all that different.  Some of you decide that you want to be in control of your bacon earning and you create an entrepreneurs mindset through education and connections.  Others say that being an entrepreneur is in your  blood. It is not something you learned or inherited.

Regardless of which way you find your journey to entrepreneurship, there are characteristics of entrepreneurs that seem to always be present.

  • You are willing to take risks.
  • You dislike working for other people.
  • You are full of ideas.
  • always ready for the next idea
  • love discussing business and brainstorming about work
  • you are inspired from the world around you
  • typically great multitaskers
  • and you work 24 hours a day if you could!

This is definitely NOT an exhaustive list, so tell us what you would add in the comments below! Do you think being an entrepreneur is in your blood?



2 Responses to Is Entrepreneurship in your Blood?

  1. As an aspiring writer, it’s kind of a weird hybrid of possibly looking at being an entrepreneur, and an artist. – Either way, I’m probably living very meagerly until I hit J.K. Rowling status. But while I love to write all the time, I don’t necessarily want to work the “business” side of a writing career. So, maybe other writers can better categorize me, but for now, I think of myself as a starving artist and writer not a entrepreneur, but I sure wish I had the drive and risk-loving attitude that might push me to the next level of my writing career.

  2. Jenny Hamrick says:

    When I was young, I always envisioned myself opening my own bakery, book store, or floral shop- it didn’t really matter what it was, as long as it was mine and I could decorate it and wear cute outfits all the time. Obviously as I got older, I realized that a lot more goes into running your own business. I think my “ideal” didn’t really match up to my own personality. When it comes down to it, entrepreneurship is not in my blood. I love collaborating and working with and for other people- I like putting my ideas to work as part of something bigger. But, at the end of the day, I want to go home, drink a glass of wine and read a good book. For me, work itself is not my ultimate passion- it allows me to do what I really like in my free time. I like work, but I don’t live my work.

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