One of the new things we decided to start doing here on the Posh Blog, is share our Handmade Ideas, so why not start with something that is you can enjoy with your sisters, friends, kids and other family. (unless they piss you off.. then NONE for them!!) So when I found these amazing recipes for HOT CHOCOLATE, I knew I had to not only try some of them, but share it with all of you lovelies!

I am definitely not someone who loves to be in the kitchen, (unless there is wine and cheese and a group of friends to talk to.) When the topic of making something on the stove comes up I usually respond with a crinkled up face, or I totally disappear! (*walk away, nothing to see here)

Making Hot Chocolate on the other hand…. now THAT is something I love. You can often find me just after the alarm goes off each morning, stumbling into my daughters room to ask her if she want’s coffee or tea. After we made one of theses recipes recently, my question has changed to… “Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate??”

My photos really stink, so the next time I make these, I will “try” to do a better job. For now however, I have  shared one from each post where the recipes were found.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Emma and Elsie, curators of A Beautiful Mess, made this incredible mug ‘o goodness, and I have to admit it is by far my current favorite. My daughter had a tough time grasping the idea of “salt and caramel” but what does she know anyway? I used skim milk in our Hot Chocolate, which usually leaves a little disappointment. Not this time so there was much less guilt when I was on my second cup.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Recipe via

Read their entire post here. 

Cookies and Creme Hot Chocolate

Alyssa, the Recipe Critic, shared this um… insane recipe.  This one is definitely my daughters favorite, but I admit she doesn’t get this one for breakfast!  It’s creamy, warm and feels like you are drinking a cookie!  Who doesn’t love that??

Cookies and cream hot chocolate via the recipe critic


I would really love to have this recipe made for me late at night after a wonderful dinner with friends.. (notice I said “made for me”.)

Read the instructions here.

Lavender Hot Chocolate

Ok, I have to admit.. this one made me twist my head a little when I first saw the post.  Just picture me like  puppies do when they are seeing something they don’t understand.

My husbands Grandmother ran a lavender farm for years, and was always sharing stories about Lavender’s calming properties, so I decided to give it a whirl. I would  not make this one very often, but it works really well after a super stressful work day. The kids… they could never get past the head twisty phase, and would not try it… Oh well.

Lavender Hot Chocolate recipe via

As I mentioned above this is not one of my everyday hot chocolates, but it is fresh, calming and worth a try.

I found this recipe in soooo many different places, and hopefully was successful at tracing it back to the original post

 Have a Party!

The next time you need a fresh new idea for spending time with friends or family, get three of your favorite trays out of the cabinet and prep all of the goodies to make these three yummo Hot Chocolates.  Let your guests pick which one they are going to make, and you can all share!  I bet you will learn something about them that you didn’t know during the process.

Do you have a favorite Hot Chocolate Recipe or activity during a party that you want to share?  Tell us all about it.

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