Pick a Zany Goal!

With the New Year fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about setting goals and resolutions for the future. If you’re like me, then you’re probably planning to whip out your recycled stock set of goals that you’ve used year to year: save more money, be bold and take more risks, eat better, sleep better, pursue your dreams, ect, ect. But aren’t you bored with using those goals every year? Maybe this year, it’s time to spice up your goal list!


Is there anything you’ve always secretly wanted to try, but have always been to afraid to put it on your list? Maybe you thought you’d fail, so you never bothered to make it a goal. Or maybe you thought other people would try to bring your idea down, so you kept it to yourself. This year, write up a list of anything that comes into your head. If you think decorating your own lampshades sounds like fun, write it down! You can refine your list later, but for now, allow your brain to get creative. We’re looking for a fun, zany idea here!

Be Concrete

No more vague, general, ideas! An ill-defined goal is an impossible-to-accomplish goal. Instead, think of a creative, out-of-the-box, way you can turn those vague goals, such as “I want to get closer to my coworkers” into specific zany goals like “I’m going to personally plan a sky-diving party for my company!”

Do a “Goal Exchange”

If you’re still having trouble thinking of a new goal, exchange ideas with a coworker or friend whom you admire. This way, you’ll get ideas for things you’ve never tried before, or never even thought of before! Find a way to transform their goals into something you can accomplish. For example, let’s say your friend’s goal is to grow roses in her garden this year; maybe you can try to incorporate roses in your decorating motif, or use more plants around your office?

How Will You Get Zany?

Kara Howell, our brilliant bridal blog editor, has an even bigger list to help you brainstorm. So, how do you plan on spicing up your goals for the New Year? Feel free to brainstorm your ideas below in the “Comment” box!

3 Responses to [Friday Fun] Zany Goals!

  1. I love the idea of thinking outside the box to do something a bit less traditional like weight loss and health – I think my goal this year will be working on creating and crafting a lot more! I’m even playing with the idea of launching a line of specialized hand made cards :) we’ll see what happens!

    • Jenny Hamrick says:

      Your handmade cards are amazing! I would love to see them if you end up making your own line!

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