[Friday Fun] Turning Your Marketing Strategy from Luxuries to Necessities

In the recent Forbes post, “Starting A Business: Choose Pain Over Pleasure,” Dave Lavinsky claims that new companies which solve a pain have a much likelier chance of success over those that provide a pleasure. His argument makes sense: people are willing to quickly buy something to make the pain go away whereas they will take their time to deliberate about a purchasing a pleasure item.  My question is, could you market your business in a way that makes a “pleasure” seems like “solving a pain”?

Advertisements do this all the time. They even sometimes create a problem just to say that they can solve it. For example, I recently watched a lotion commercial that claims their product will cure your dry, cracked feet. Well, until I watched the commercial, I’d never really given my feet a second thought. But now that they mentioned it, my feet are cracked and dry! Maybe I should get that lotion… See? Ads can create problems so that they can turn their pleasure products (lotion for softer skin) into problem solving ones (lotion to get rid of cracked heels). Could you do the same with your business?

Let’s pretend you’re a professional photographer specializing in high-school graduations. You have a small number of patrons, but many potential clients are probably thinking that they can just take their own pictures and save the money. That’s because right now they are viewing your services as a luxury. What if you started marketing yourself as a necessity? “Don’t risk blurry photos for your child’s shining moment, hire me!”—obviously you can come up with something much more creative than that, but the point is that parents are now concerned they won’t be good enough to take these pictures. Only a professional should be trusted. Maybe they should turn to you!

Try and think of some ways you can present your business as a pain solver.  If you’re stumped, a collaborative coworking space like Posh can help you brainstorm!

One Response to [Friday Fun] Turning Your Marketing Strategy from Luxuries to Necessities

  1. interesting idea! I like it. Especially in today’s economy – people want to solve problems rather than over-indulge in products – but is there a way to market it to do both? I am not sure how I’ll be able to use this for my writing career as of now, but I’ll think in this direction more as I go!

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