Ever had a hairstyle that made you feel just plain awesome? Your looks are only a small part of who you are, but a cool haircut, unique makeup, or signature style can be enough to give you an extra boost of confidence in the day. Here are some of the styles I’ve played around with:

Pixie Hair

I used to have pixie-short hair that I absolutely loved! For one thing, it only needed a little mousse and a quick run through with a towel and it was done. How great is that? Can you imagine how much time you’d save every morning if you didn’t have to deal with your stupid hair? It was so nice during the hot Austin summers. Plus, I got lots of compliments for choosing a slightly unconventional look that was still adorably cute. My hair is longer now, but I still think back on how scared I was when I first cut it off and how amazing it felt afterwards to have short hair. It takes a bold woman to cut off most of her hair, and that’s exactly what a pixie-cut will make you look like: an adventurous, fearless, and confident woman. Angelo David Pisacreta, New York City-based celebrity stylist, told Fox News Magazine “a pixie cut is all about owning the look. There is a sense of freedom and empowerment of having your hair short and styling it very quickly. Cutting your hair short means more attention will be directed to the face. This is why confidence in owning the look is key in pulling it off.”

Dark Eyebrows

Since I’m no makeup expert, I’ve usually stuck to the basics: cover-up, eyeliner, eye-shadow, and mascara. But sometimes it’s fun to play up a certain feature. Ruby-red lips or mysteriously dark eyes can make you “pop.” I’ve always darkened and filled-out my eyebrows by applying a deep brown eye-shadow. I think it brings out my dark eyes and adds definition to my face. According to Liz Jones from the DailyMail, thick dark eyebrows signify “that a woman is serious, very powerful and not to be messed with.” Do you have a facial feature you like to play up with makeup? Have you ever tried something new- did it go well or did it turn into a disaster?


Comfortable Clothes

Every girl has a signature style. You may not think you do anything special in particular, but there are certain clothes you tend to buy, particular colors you love, and some styles that you absolutely avoid. My friends describe my style as “chic girl-next-door” –whatever that means. Pay attention to your style and find clothes that tend to make you feel really pretty, or powerful, or even sexy (just remember to keep it classy!).

Personal Style

Finding a haircut, makeup trick, or clothing style that makes you feel comfortable yet powerful will not only make people notice your awesomeness more, but it will also give you a little bounce in your step because you’ll know you look amazing. Don’t be afraid to try new things out; find something that fits your personality, or better yet, shows it off! Tell the world who you are and what you’re capable of—and look fabulous doing it!



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