The Sister Collective presents: Your 2014 Business Vision

January 14, 2014 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Posh Coworking-Class Room
3027 North Lamar Boulevard #202
Austin,TX 78705
Posh Coworking/Heidi Schlenk512-696-1433

What happens when we work alone?

For me, I end up feeling like:

* I’m small
* I can’t do it
* I have to climb a big mountain with not enough water, snacks or companionship

Ha! No fun at all. Can you relate?

In your business and career, I want you to feel the POWER that is literally right below your fingertips.

Join us for this intimate art journaling workshop, where you will have the opportunity to dream BIG and claim a focus for your business in 2014 as well as form bonds with other sisters who want to support your authentic dreams.

This workshop includes:
art journaling
deep coaching
community building
resource sharing

Why art journaling for business? Because it initiates the right side of your brain, where your intuition lies. This soul-based, spiritual, creative practice will reveal your most brilliant insights.

This workshop will be lead by yours truly, Heidi Schlenk. I am a Creative Life & Business Coach + artist. I get a huge thrill out of introducing women business owners to their own inner guru, and helping them trust their own insights.

Blossom Braemer and I I have joined forces because we believe in a collaborative way of living. Our group has the goal of using creative journaling to open our minds and solidify entrepreneurial growth and direction. We believe that we are stronger as a tribe, and that when we come together, collectively, we gain support, acceptance, and accountability.

Working with Blossom at Posh Coworking has changed the way I do business. I no longer have to work in isolation and fear, but rather feel supported and powerful in my tribe. I want the same for you.

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