December 5, 2013 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Posh Coworking - Conference Room
3027 North Lamar Boulevard #202
Austin,TX 78705
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I used to have a HORRIBLE relationship to money. I did all the taking, and not very much giving. And I did a LOT of complaining. I was not a very good partner to money.

Today, I have a healthy relationship to money and feel prosperous and free MOST of the time, rather than occasionally.

This month’s live Creative Art Journaling workshop will be focused on money and prosperity.

What is your relationship to money? Do you live in:

  • fear?
  • gratitude?
  • sexiness?
  • fun?
  • willingness to give?
  • feelings of lack?
  • confusion?

At this event, I will challenge you to look at money from a new perspective…through the eyes of a loving, sexy, fun, supportive romantic partner. That’s right, money is your romantic partner. It’s been with you your whole life!

We will dive into our art journals, as well as create a mini-altar….all in the name of claiming a new relationship to money.

So why art journaling? It’s frickin’ amazing, that’s what!

When I spray ink into my art journals, I feel

  • free
  • expressive 


 I also get divine answers to all my “questions” from my inner guru.

There’s a guru inside of you too, love. Just ask her a question, she (or he) knows.


In addition to art journaling activities, this event includes deep coaching….volunteer basis only. So if you are wanting claritiy about your money relationship, I will take care of you.

Learning how to use your Creative Art Journal will open the door for you to use your journal for ANY area of your life your wanting to focus on.


Business Planning & Inspiration

Workshop Investment: $75

The coaching in this workshop is worth the cost of the workshop alone!

I am also offering a private two hour mini-retreat add-on, if you would like some private 1:1 time with me in addition to the workshop. The investment for this coaching session is $250.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • desire a powerful, positive relationship to money
  • want to begin a creative project sooner than later
  • are craving a creative community


This workshop is not for you if you:

  • think your relationship to money is already perfect
  • work better in isolation
  • do not believe creativity has anything to do with fulfillment or prosperity


This class is about uncovering the truth…discovering what your hidden beliefs about money are, and moving past the blocks that are holding you back.

Join me on this journey….


All best,

Heidi Schlenk

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