January 10, 2014 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Posh Coworking-Class Room
3027 North Lamar Boulevard #202
Austin,TX 78705
$55.00 EarlyBird or $75.00
Bella Guzman : High Wire CreativeEvent website

 Interactive, Hands-On Workshop for Entrepreneurs, Authors and Small Business Owners

the-look-logoIn todays 24/7 media-savvy culture, identity and image are more important than ever! Standing apart from the crowd by ensuring that your buiness “look” truly represents you is essential!

Join us in a supportive, small group setting and learn everything you need to know to create an identity you will love. A fun, insightful, interactive, hands-on workshop led by creative director/graphic designer, small business advocate and Highwire Creative owner Bella Guzmán.

Are you ready to re-design or re-create a logo and identity that represents the real you?

Would you like to learn how to partner with a graphic designer to communicate your ideas and create a look you love?

This interactive logo design workshop is the first step of the creative process. You will learn:

  • Why your logo and identity are so important and key to your success!
  • About the elements of logo design and color theory and how to apply that to your style
  • How to uncover your true design aesthetic, typography style and color preferences

Plan to walk away with a mood board* fine-tuned to your specific ideas, along with a creative brief to help guide the visual look and feel of your new or existing business.

*Mood board materials and morning snacks are included with your registration fee. Please note: you will not leave with a completed “logo” but you will be prepared to collaborate with a graphic designer to design your logo.

Highwire Creative

Highwire Creative. Boldly seeing in you and your business what no one has seen before. And then making it visible — so the right people take note, and delight.

So much is at stake in the beginning of a business. Where else in life do we begin so high up in the air-without having the least bit of practice? We happen to love this part. Even in the early years of your business, we can see that essentially profitable story, and tell it visually, so others see it and believe it, too.

When your business has the right visual identity seen consistently through your logo design, social media branding and website, your business becomes an effortless performance that draws the right crowd.

We are located in sunny, Austin, Texas and work with businesses all over the globe. Learn more our graphic design services, browse our logo design and WordPress websites portfolio,and meet our team.

Bella Guzman

art director, designer and business sight-seer


If someone had asked me early in life whether I’d rather launch a business or go skydiving, I’m sure I would have said neither. As it turns out, I grew into quite the reluctant adventurer. After graduating from college and working in the publicity/design department for an adventure theme park, I eventually opted for both. Skydiving and launching a business.


True to the name of my business, I’ve never been able to resist the thrill of taking my clients’ businesses to new and ever-more-lovable heights—although these days my adventures tend to be of the escaping-my-hubby’s-ukelele-practice-for-a-local-café-on-a-week-night variety.


I possess the ability to see feelings in living color, and to somehow turn those feelings into profitable visual identities. Magic? Not really. Just lots of practice and a deep curiosity about every kind of business.


My professional life as a designer began in the tourism and land development industries in Orlando, Florida. Today, my work makes my clients as enticing to their people as destination vacations.


You can view my professional resúmé at www.linkedin.com.


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