Book Elves Boot Camp : What Doesn’t Kill Your Book Makes It Stronger with David Fried

November 20, 2013 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Posh Coworking - Conference Room
3027 North Lamar Boulevard #202
Austin,TX 78705
The Book Elves - Trish Lee

Ever wonder what’s going on in your editor’s mind while he’s editing your book? Why he rearranged that sentence, or cut out those words? Now you can find out. In this class we’ll go through one or two unpublished pieces of writing and edit them LIVE in front of the room.

Award winning editor David Kassin Fried (, will go through the process he uses with every piece of work he gets, so you can see why and how your text gets edited the way it does.

David Kassin Fried is a professional ghost writer and book editor specializing in nonfiction, memoirs, and humor. His book, Ups & Downs, was a 2010 IPPY Award and Foreword Book of the Year Award finalist, and in 2011 he was selected to write the fifth book in Gary Keller’s best-selling Millionaire Real Estate Series (over 1 million copies sold).

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