Posh Cofounders Blossom and Michael

Posh Cofounders Blossom and Michael

Blossom and her husband Michael launched Posh Coworking in 2011 as a coworking space for independent individuals looking for collaboration, connection, and support.  As Posh nears its 2nd birthday this November, I ask Blossom about her vision for Posh, what challenges she’s met along the way, and what she has in store for Posh’s future:

What led you to start Posh?

“Being an entrepreneur is in my blood.  But during my time as a home-based businesswoman, I found that many obstacles were slowing the growth and development of my business.  I thought time and time again, ‘If only there was a place I could meet with clients’ and ‘I wish I had someone who knew marketing that I could collaborate with while developing my brochure!’  Those wants ended up becoming the foundation for why I opened Posh Coworking.”

What made you want to empower women?

“As a woman, I know that we work and learn so much differently than men, and we are often our own worst enemy!  While others see greatness in us, we discredit ourselves with negative self-talk, telling ourselves we are not worth it!  I didn’t have an easy life, and along the way I was greatly influenced by empowering women who helped me see that I am worth it!  That is what I hope to be for other women following my path.”

As Posh’s founder, what challenges did you encounter along the way?

“When Posh launched in 2011, we were a much more niche-focused space, but the passion and drive that was my vision for Posh didn’t exactly fit that niche!  While I was driven to foster a space that made life long connections for the ladies (and some gents) who worked here at Posh, this particular niche didn’t play well together.  They were possessive of the knowledge they had and the energy here was very difficult.  This was the leading reason we decided to rebrand Posh and stay true to our vision of connections, collaboration and inspiration for women who want a better life.”

What has been the most rewarding part of Posh?

“The people!  I have been so blessed to work with and alongside with some of the most intelligent, inspiring and incredibly giving humans!  Not to mention I can talk about love, life and nail polish and not have them look at me like I have three heads!”

How has Posh changed or grown from when you first started it?

“Posh changes when the people inside its walls grow.  Furnishings and layout have a life of their own around here too.  For the most part, the vision that my co-founder (and new hubs) and I had from the beginning is actually present in the people who are here.”

Are you currently planning any changes or expansions?

“That is going to be a surprise, but I will give you a tease:  there is a plan for all new furniture in our lounge area, and a custom bar will be installed in front of the panoramic view we have of Central Austin.”

What do you see in Posh’s future?

“Posh Two?  No really, I would love to expand and have a much larger coworking lounge, as well as some dedicated offices for those Poshies who businesses can support a full time office.  Posh will always be a leading place for education around business.  Not to mention a great place to sit on the couch, drink a glass of wine and enjoy a friend or two.”

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November Event!

With Posh’s birthday coming up this November, Posh Coworking has decided to celebrate with a Sparkle and Snapshots Party! Open to the public and the press, everyone is invited for some Prosecco, cake, and great company! Join us as Posh Coworking Friday November 8th!

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