5 Tips to Nail Your Radio Interviews and become THE Expert!

One of my earliest jobs in marketing was that of the personal assistant to a fortune 500 marketing firm. My then boss taught me a valuable lesson about Radio.

Radio is the most efficient way to become THE go to expert in your field, and grow your message beyond your current connections. There are nearly 15,000 terrestrial radio stations in the US, (and thousands more online blog talk format shows and podcasts), a little leg work and proper planning on your part can quickly propel you to a “sought after guest” status.

The following tips will keep you engaged, on track and help get you booked again and again:

Know the listeners of the show – When pitching to a show host or producer, you have to know their audience. It would be really stupid for you to pitch yourself to a show that is relevant to cowboys and ranch owners if you have no idea what the hell a saddle bag is, or have never heard of Garth Brooks! How in the hell will you provide information that will be a good fit for the listeners?

Hit them with the awesome sauce - Get the audiences attention with the magic you make happen for clients. Save the college degrees and certifications for your website. Hit ‘em with the facts that will make a listener turn up the radio dial, or turn back to their computer ready to listen.

Don’t overthink your topic – You are the expert! Pull your interview talking points from your signature talks. You want to present the information that you know and can present in your sleep. In fact, your signature talks can become your go-to radio interview topics.

Share the love, before and after the interview. – Make sure you know how to give shout-outs on social media to your show/host. They want your audience to fall in love with them as much as they want their audience to fall in love with you. Let your host know you’ll be sharing it in you’re your community.

Always be ready to ‘roll with it’ – The vast majority of hosts are kind, engaging and talented interviewers. Very few are ‘mean’, but sometimes they can be a bit uninformed. Sometimes an off topic question will come your way – and if it does – just roll with it. If it’s in an area you are not familiar with find a way to deflect the answer and come back to what you know.

Just like anything else – being radio ready is a learned skill. Practice with a partner the questions you want to cover. Each time you will get better and become more confident.

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