3 Tips to Encourage your Busy but Healthy Life by Micki Gram the Realist Health Coach

This post was written by Realist Health Coach, Micki Gram.  She is passionate about living life in the most healthy ways possible, even when we are all super duper busy! She believes in continued education, and reaches outside her “norms”  equipping herself with knowledge from a realists perspective.  We love Micki here at Posh, because she is always fun, lighthearted and giving.  If you haven’t met her yet, check out her website, like her page on Facebook and start stalking her.  I promise you will find joy in doing so!  Now, heeere’s Micki!

Many of us use the excuse that we are just “to busy” to be healthy. I am here to tell you it’s possible and can easily be done using the following steps to develop the habits to have a busy but healthy life. The real question you must ask yourself is how serious are you about being healthy and how important is it to you to incorporate health into your busy daily routine?


Step 1: Start small

To create a healthy life in a busy day is starting small; don’t think you have to become some machine and go all organic tomorrow eating nothing but veggies, beans and fruit. This is the main reason diets and a healthy lifestyle don’t work because we have been taught that if you eat out any day of the week then you’re unhealthy and have no chance and that’s wrong. Starting small is the first step to have a busy but healthy life; you can start by drinking more water and creating the habit of carrying a water jug with you where ever you go. Yes it’s one more thing to carry but it’s well worth it!

Step 2: Planning for “Eat out Night”

A Very important step to having a busy but healthy life is if you plan on eating out a few times during the week and know where you’re going to eat look at the menu online before you arrive so you’re not tempted to buy the unhealthy meal options. Opt to choose a salad or something light and you can do so by knowing what you want when you arrive. Looking at the menu before arrival and knowing what the healthier options not only saves times while you eat out it rids the risk of distraction from what others with you are going to eat; don’t let them distract you from your goal to have a busy but healthy life!

Step 3: Get Prepared

Get in the habit of preparing meals and snacks for the next day. You may have to wake up 30 minutes early or stay up 30 minutes later then you usually do to wash and pack grapes with almonds or cutting cucumbers for your salad; but you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to create a healthy lifestyle in order to accomplish you goals.

These are just a few things you can do to have a busy but healthy life and it’s up to you to take more steps to create the healthy lifestyle you want.

What are a few things you know you can do to have a busy but healthy life?

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